Hi I am Billie the Birch Bay Bus.
Now Living in Wiltshire, UK.


This is a fun record of my low light adventures and my low light day trips
There is also a section for pics and a ‘click’ for what it takes to keep me in tip-top condition

plus you can read what we are listening to and what the stops / sites are really like!
... including the food, the drink, the facilities ...
Take a look at a video showing ‘view from Billies pitch’

All my adventures score ‘Billies’
Pasted Graphic 16
One Billie - Poor to five Billies - Great
Look for the overall Billie score for each adventure.

Sites also get rated on their recycling capabilities

Pasted Graphic 19

One heart - poor, two hearts - OK three hearts - Great

All of the old adventures remain in the archives and are available so ‘click’ away and enjoy!